Trenchless Pipe Lining

Pipe relining can repair pipes damaged due to drain collapse, cracks, ground movement and tree root intrusion. Our team carries out trenchless pipe lining, which means we can usually repair the pipes and drains without having to dig up your garden, driveway or patio.

Fast & effective Drain Relining

Unlike the traditional method of repairing drains and pipes our ‘No Dig’ method of drain relining using the latest in trenchless technology means we can carry out the repairs sooner and have your drainage system back in working order faster.

How it works

A fibre glass liner is impregnated with resins, this is then inserted into the damaged section of the drain. Our CCTV camera ensures spot on positioning of the liner which is then inflated. Once the resin has cured the bladder is deflated and removed. The result is a smooth, continuous pipe.


The pipe relining solutions we use have a 50 years design life, which has been independently tested.

Benefits of Trenchless Technology

Pipe relining using trenchless technology has many benefits such as:

  • Cost
    The cost no dig pipe relining is usually significantly less than using heavy machinery to remove large sections of your property, which can occasionally involve the added cost of the removal of gardens, fencing, driveways and paths.
  • Time
    Due to speed with which the relining process can be carried out the repairs can be scheduled around your businesses shifts and down time.
  • Longevity
    The new pipe lining will provide a long lasting solution to your home or business drainage issues.

Before Relining

After Relining

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If your home or business is experiencing reoccurring blocked drains or blocked sewers you could benefit from pipe relining to permanently repair your drain problems.