Storm Water & Sewer Upgrades

Plumbing and Gas Services QLD offers a wide range of Domestic and Commercial plumbing solutions for storm water and surface water problems including the repair or replacement of blocked downpipes, underground storm water pipe upgrades, and surface drain installations or storm water pits. Our team has the knowledge and experience to solve these issues.

 Channel Drains

During storm season many people suffer from having vast amounts of rainwater fall onto their property with seemingly nowhere to divert it. We install channel drains and pits in driveways and car parks to collect surface water or if needed install pump stations to take water to a legal discharge point or to the street.

 Drainage Maintenance

Don’t wait for a problem to occur. An effective storm water drainage maintenance program will help protect your property, your local environment and waterways, as well as save you the costs of emergency repairs.

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We can provide storm water drainage inspections, drain repairs and cleaning of drains to ensure your pipes and storm water drainage has adequate capacity.

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