Pipe Surveying & CCTV Camera

Plumbing and Gas Services QLD has a team of qualified CCTV camera technicians and professionals who carry out the inspection and other related checks.

  • Recording & Location
    Of any defects, items of interest, tree root invasion, broken pipes or waste, and grease build up.
  • CCTV Footage
    Of underground pipes with ‘on-screen’ distance counters for precise measurements of underground issues from a given point.
  • Precise Location
    Of the underground camera unit from above, through dirt, fill, rubble, and reinforced concrete.
  • Online Videos
    For future reference.

How it works

When our Plumbers come to service your blocked drain the first thing we recommend to do is investigate what is causing the blockage, to do this we insert the CCTV drain camera down the sewerage pipe or storm water pipe to ascertain what is causing the blockage. The camera sends the live feed onto a screen beside the plumber who is inserting the drain camera into the pipe. This inspection gives an advantage to inspect the pipe from the inside, you can see whether the line is broken, collapsed or if tree roots are entering the pipe.

Benefits of Technology

This method takes all the guess work out of diagnosing the cause of a blocked drain and can provide you with a very accurate diagnosis so you can make the best decision for your specific case. The cameras have a sensor on the tip of the camera, which tells the plumber the exact location of the camera using a locating device. All cameras can be accurately tracked from above and the position of any defects or blockages marked and saved on USB or uploaded on YouTube for viewing for future reference or rectification.

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